The Dark Legion is the group of Sith who first came to rule the galaxy. They were ferocious and cruel, and wanted total dominance. They came to power during The Rise of the Dark Legion. They lost their power when their leader, Darth Adeous decided he was going to go back into training to grow more powerful.

The GovernmentEdit

The Dark Legion was a group of Sith who ruled, rare as they usually stuck to the rule of 2, only a master and an apprentice. They ruled in almost a council like fashion with the sith.

The CouncilEdit

The Council for the Dark Legion is located on Iridonia as well as a sith academy. The council room is shaped like an imperial logo, with people sitting in the spaces and the ruler in the middle. The Council had representatives from planets that had ideas to keep the sith in power, as well as the head 3 postitions not counting the sith lord in the middle.

The PositionsEdit

  • Dark Lord of the Sith: This person is the head honcho. He has the ability to control all of the other sith positions of power. Darth Adeous had this role.
  • Sith Marauder: In charge over the Sith fleet. The maruader was only in control of the space fleet, for exploring.

Darth Deceptoc was the Sith Marauder.

  • Sith Assassin: This sith was in charge of gathering intel on the enemy, and of course assassinating targets.
  • Sith Lord: The Sith Lord was in charge of all of the sith history, almost like a librarian. He was in charge of all of the sith history.

The troopsEdit

The Dark Legion had a variety of troops at it's disposal. The "Sith Knights" were in no way force sensitive, but were basically brainwashed to do the sith's bidding. The Sith also had control of Storm Troopers, and Battle Droids of all Kinds.

Demise of the LegionEdit

The Dark Legion's reign of command and terror would come to an end when Darth Adeous decided that he would stop leading and go to train and gain yet more power. After Adeous left, the Fall of the Dark Legion began. The Jedi and Sith battled out for ages, eventually ending in the sith out of power and a new battle beginning to re-claim rulers. When the legion came to an end the sith went back to the rule of 2.