The dark Legion was in control during this period of time. They were fierce rulers and ruled using the Sith Council of Four. This period was among the shortest of sith rule. It ended when Adeous Fled.

Major EventsEdit

This was a relatively quiet period in time. There is only one major event in which there was any conflict. Malor Fett had kiddnapped Darth Wheedwacker, and talked smack to Adeous. Adeous wound up rescuing the stolen sith because the rest of the sith were too lazy or didn't care. This event led to the end of the Downfall of the Dark Legion because Adeous no longer felt like ruling useless people. The only other events were minor, such as the setting up of outposts, and the building of the Sith City and the quest to re-find the star forge which ended in failure.

Style of RuleEdit

The Sith were in charge During this era. The used the Sith Council of Four as there method of rule. Though they never had a 100% Full council, this method of rule proved to be rather useful and effective. Adeous decided to keep a firm hand of rule amongst his supporters.

Notable CharactersEdit

End of the EraEdit

The Fall of the Dark Legion Came about when Darth Adeous decided that he had had enough with his council being lazy, and of ruling such a pointless society. Adeous fled, and hadn't been seen for many years after that.