The Council of FourEdit

The Sith Council of Four is the system of rule in which the sith ruled through the use of a council, similar ot that of a republic though with more evil intentions.

The RanksEdit

The Sith Council of Four had 4 Main leaders. They were the Sith Lord, The Sith Marauder, The Sith Assasin, and The Sith Librarian. Each had a very special job within the sith society.

The Sith LordEdit

A Sith Lord is the head honcho of the council. He has ultimate power. During the Reign of the Dark Legion , The Sith Lord was Darth Adeous. This person has all power, and can even bring down an entire group should it be necessary.

The Sith MarauderEdit

The Sith Marauder is in charge of the fleets and troops of the Sith Rule. Darth Deceptoc is one of the few sith to ever hold this position. He wanted to use the position to take troops to find what he believed as the star forge, long thought to be gone. Sith Marauders could do anything that required the use of troops.

The Sith AssassinEdit

The Sith Assassin was in charge of gathering intel and eliminating hard to capture targets. This is usually held by the most stealthy or secretive of the sith. One Bounty Hunter However, Malor Fett, had recieved this rank through a devious scheme in which he kidnapped a sith. This is the only time in which a non sith, let alone a non force sesitive, has ever held a seat on the sith council.

Sith LibrarianEdit

This person is in charge of the sith archives. Not much else is known as this position was never filled.