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Sudeikis with her red lightsaber

Sudeikis was a nautolan female Grey Jedi during the era of the Old Republic. She had a very nihilistic view on the Force constantly walking the middle path between the Dark Side and the Light Side.


Although Sudeikis was trained as a Jedi she often used guns to conceal her true identity. These were her weapons of choise:

  • Lightsaber (red)
  • Blaster
  • Dual knives

Life StoryEdit

  • please note that these are all fictional and depicts events that has happened in the RPG.


Not much is known about Sudeikis origin. When she was just a small toddler, she was found abandoned at the doorstep of a Gladiator School on Nar Shaddaa. The leader of the school, a human by the name of Glen Manaa took her in and raised her as his own.

Life on Nar ShaddaaEdit

AS she grew taller so did her strength, both her physical and her mental. Glen Manaa soon discovered her talents in the Arena and she soon became her number one fighter. When she was fifteen years old Glen Manaa discovered that she was Force Sensitive. That was when he revealed that he himself had been a padawan once. He had fallen though to the Dark Side and joined a Sith Academy. He had a few years later abandoned the academy finding its philosophy flawed. Glen Manaa decided that it was time for Sudeikis to leave Nar Shaddaa and the comforts of her home. He gave her a blaster, two knives and his old Sith Lightsaber. With only these as her companions she set out to discover the Galaxy.

Arrival at CorelliaEdit

The first planet she visited was Corellia. Here she made a living as a Bounty Hunter as well as a member of the Nightsisters.