Template:Cleanup The Adeous Holocron is Darth Adeous' Sith Holocron that tells a whole myriad of dark secrets of the sith. When Adeous made this holocron he hid it from the world. It may be found through Adeous telling you where it is, but that is the only way.

The Holocron's MessageEdit

Darth Adeous' Holocron contained an encrypted message that would tell the person who opened it the secret to eternal life and power. It would also contain a messege of the Sith Oath, and tons of other rare sith knowledge. Not all of the exact contents are known, but an accurate list of what is speculated can be told below.

The ContentsEdit

  • How to control the Galaxy
  • Force Lightning
  • Force Storm
    • Weather
    • Advanced Lightning
    • Wormhole
  • MediChlorian Manipulation
  • Force Shoke
  • Force Fear
  • Force Feed
  • Force Crush

Please note that there is no clues to what exactly is inside the holocron, though this is what is speculated.

  • Update* An Interview with Adeous at a later date confirms that this and a lot more secretive and dark things lie within.


The Holocron had a very specific structure to it as it was closed and unused. It was in the shape of the first Sith Council of Four. It was the symbol to the "height" of Adeous' Power as far as recorded sith history goes. The figure that arose giving the speech of the contents of the holocron is Adeous himself. The Power Source is built into the base. It is made rechargeable so that if a sith finds it the knowledge within could always be shared.

Holocron LocationEdit

This holocron is in an unknown location. There are rumors that it is hidden on Iridonia, the location Adeous loved most during his reign. There are also rumors of it being somewhere in the unknown regions. Some belive it is still with Adeous, though no one is certain.