Jedi Vs Sith is a forum Role Playing game that is played by star wars fans. The game has many cool features. The basics will be listed below

Creating an RPG Character

This rpg is great in the fact that you totally create and customize the characters. You can pick the name, type of character, team, slogan, and more. You join the forum with any username, and then the RPG account is part of that account, and has a separate name. Cool stuff for any person who likes to change teams a lot.


This RPG has a fully usable shop. Users earn money by posting and role playing on the site. The more you post, the more money you earn. the more you earn the more you can buy. Items include weapons, saber crystals, creatures, armor, droids, and more. The shop is most useful to the RPG Player because it actually gives you something in reward for posting.

Basic Parts of the RPG

The RPG is fairly simple. It does have a lot of cool features. see below.

News and Announcements

This is where all of the news an announcements for the site go. Rules, Site Updates, Introductions, and more all go here. This area is only for new related events, and is useful. It is recommended that you check all new posts here, because they will most likely be important.

The Universe

This is where all of the role playing will be done. The universe has several planets inside of it, and you post what happens and people respond. Each planet is a real star wars planet. The universe is almost always the same, except for what is happening in it, and every now and then a new planet will pop up.

Off Topic

This section is where you can just chat about random things.

The Shoutbox

The RPG Site has A Shoutbox. it is visible from the index, and is the first thing you will see.