The Rise of the Dark Legion is the first era of the RPG Jedi Vs Sith. This Era is set when there was no form of ruler or a dominant team. It truly was the First era.

The Basic StoryEdit

The Rise of the Dark Legion is the period in which the galaxy's first form of ruler ship came into power. The Sith had been fighting the Jedi for control of the galaxy, and won thanks to an inside traitor. This was a rather quick era.

Base PlanetsEdit

Both teams had to start somewhere. The Sith immediately moved into Naboo and started there growing from there. The Jedi, started there temple out on Tatooine , in an abandoned race track. Darth Adeous was the leader of the sith at the time. Both sides used tactics to find the others bases. The Jedi never found the siths. Darth Adeous used both probe droids and a bounty reward to obtain the information. Once the Sith had taken control of the galaxy, they relocated there base to Iridonia, home of the Zabraks. The zabrak welcomed them peacfully.


There were only ever really 2 actual battles between the armies of the 2 teams.

Battle of the Death StarEdit

In this battle, the Jedi sent a surprise fleet to attack the Death Star, and the Jedi were met with a fleet 3 times the size of the one they brought with them. The Sith completely obliterated the frustrated Jedi. A Traitor in the organization of the Jedi arranged this attack. Darth Adeous was un-aware of the treachery at the time, though he was pleased as it helped him control the galaxy. The traitor was Jedi Master Johga, Also known as Darth Deceptoc.

The Battle of TatooineEdit

The Second battle was that of Tatooine, in which the sith had destroyed the remaining Jedi, and had taken control of the galaxy. After this battle the sith controlled every planet. 3 Jedi escaped, making it to the unknown regions. This battle became known as the battle of tatooine. When the sith came to power they began to organize a form of government. At the end of the battle, the Dark Legion was finally in control.

The Jedi vs SithEdit

There was only really one Jedi Vs Sith Only battle, in which there were no other troopers or anyone fighting. Darth Adeous found a jedi youngling on Kashyyk, so he struck it down. The Jedi's father was Adeous' old apprentice. He turned to a Jedi upon later times, but at the murder of his son he sought to kill Adeous and the sith. The 2 finally met on Coruscant, and Adeous won in a close battle.